Web software systems

What are they and what can they do?

FlashLink develops software systems which provide a variety of data management and automation capabilities, and are usually designed for organizations with specific needs. The systems are reminiscent of CRM systems and may even provide a variety of CRM services, but their main purpose and great advantage is the execution of specific tasks for the customer's requirements. Some examples of the systems we built:
  • Transportation Control Management: Tracking a proper implementation of transportation routes, sending inspection forms, receiving data and reports from vehicles, managing irregularities, alerts, etc., and creating automatic and on-demand reports for different levels of management functions.
  • Propriety management and monitoring for public transportation stations: Production of detailed test reports of the health status of different types of stations, creation of test tracks, management of testing and reporting teams at various levels.
  • Management of various types of clinics: A complete solution for management of clinic networks, including clients portfolio, employee management, diaries and meeting management, various reports at various levels, payment, email and SMS messaging, patient appointment scheduling interface and more.
  • Access control systems management: The system interfaces with entry/exit control hardware systems and enables the management of entry permissions in a variety of options and levels, real-time monitoring screens, event monitoring, alerts and alarms and various reporting options at various levels. Suitable for parking lots as well.
  • Management and monitoring of alert systems for health care and nursing institutions: The system interfaces with different alert and monitoring systems and hardware components, and provides management of various kinds of signals received from different sensors, alerts and alarms for caregivers and supervisors, real-time and on-demand reports at various levels.
  • Artwork transfer management for museums and galleries: The system allows creation and management of various artwork shipping tasks, including details of the exhibits, shipping teams and shipping routes, receives reports from the teams in the field at different stages of the shipment, including reports incoming from secure wireless location readers, route tracking, exceptions management, alerts and alarms, and various kinds of status and other reports at different levels.

The systems structure is based on multiple types of user interfaces covering a wide range of uses such as managing customer databases, employee management, diaries, various reports, reporting tools (email, SMS), clearing and managing payments and many more. A wide range of standard modules, and custom developped modules  according to customer and project requirements, can be integrated.
Unlike CRM systems, our software systems provide the customer with a tailor-made solution that includes all the management, automation and functional requirements required for the customer, even for unique and very specific needs. Our systems are designed and constructed in a way that let the user get the entire picture instantly and clearly, for each type of task and on every screen of the system, and an immediate understanding of the options available to them in every situation of the system.

See examples below. In order to keep the privacy and confidentiality of our customers and their systems and due to their secure nature, it was not possible to present many examples or provide detailed descriptions of the systems. However, the example screens provide a good idea of the system.

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Static signage monitoring and control for public transportation stations


Advanced clinic management system