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We have come to the field of website building by chance. FlashLink, in its early stages, dealt with the technological aspects of Flash and various flash productions, and over time acquired vast knowledge and deep expertise in server and client technologies, especially in terms of user experience, which was expressed in the establishment of large software and management systems for organizations. There were, of course, also sites built occasionally. This situation changed with the completion of the first management system we built: FlashLink WebAdmin, which made the user experience a real experience when it comes to editing website content. The customers loved the system, the easy, pleasant and simple work with it, the short learning curve and especially the fact that there was no need to be an engineer in order to operate and control it. Requests arrived and responded positively, and we also liked the creative process of building websites and editing them through the system. As of the end of 2017, towards the launch of the new, fourth generation version of the system - WaveLink, the older version (WebAdmin III) already served about to 300 websites, landing pages and various applications.

We at FlashLink believe in art and creativity. From our point of view, the process of writing code and scripts is an art in itself, no less than the design and graphics processes. More than once we find ourselves investing far beyond the planned in a particular work, in order to accomplish the best out of the creative side of things; Give a stage to new and innovative ideas; And strive for a perfect result in every aspect - site characterization and planning, design and graphics, responsive design, optimal code and excellent performance. For example, we never make do with the automatic responsive engine provided by the management system, which, like other systems, is based on a set of rules that, as good and correct, can not replace human creative touch; So we invest time, thought and work, additional resolution levels, additional styling where necessary and more and more until optimal performance is achieved, beautiful and satisfying the needs.

Every project we make is our "baby" for any aspect, which we define, create, carefully cultivate, invest and bring to an excellent, uncompromising completion. We invest effort, thought and time as much as it takes to learn and know the area and the market of ​​the site until we "feel" it along with the client's wishes. The marketing process begins with learning and familiarizing the client's business, characterizing his clientele and defining the site's goals; From here we characterize the site's features, structure, components and finally its design, with the customer fully involved in all the processes - according to their desire and availability. The design sketches given to the customer do not always 100% illustrate the final and live site visibility, and even more so when it comes to animations and effects that are integrated into various elements of the site. In such cases we do not shy away from making changes and repairs to the customer's satisfaction. Even after the completion of the project and delivery to the customer, we do not spare efforts to help, improve, guide and initiate - all for one goal: amazing site and satisfied customer!

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Additional services we provide for websites

If you are planning to set up a website, you will probably want it to look impressive and promptly present your business or activity to surfers in a clear and thorough way. Of course you'll need to choose a design that will appeal to your target audience and broadcast your messages optimally, and to have your site built so that it will be easy to navigate, will immediately display the important content, will be friendly for search engines and more. Sounds hard? Well, that's the easy part, usually done by professionals.
Your site can look amazing and highly user friendly, however what really determines its quality is your content's quality. The content of the site - texts, images, videos and others - are items that must be created, written and put together in such a way that the surfer will receive the information you want to convey quickly, clearly and focused, and place them in the right pages and places.
You are undoubtedly experts in your field of activity, so only you can determine what content should appear on your site. But not everyone is an expert in targeted marketing writing, translation (marketing oriented) into different languages, setting content positions so that they get maximum attention on a website, search engine optimization, pictures and images optimization and more. Here's how we can help.

In addition to designing and developing websites, we provide a variety of content and other services essential to the success of your site:
  • Copywriting: We work with experts in writing marketing content in a wide range of fields. We do not pretend to "invent" the content. We need to get the essence from you, and turn it into an article that is written in a marketing oriented way, in correct language and in a proper structure that will convey the message to its destination in a clear and understandable manner. Whether it's short snippets, a slogan, an article, a post or another, it's important to give thought to getting optimal wording, and with proper integration with atmosphere imagery.
  • Translation: Many sites are multi-lingual, that is, target audiences who speak different languages. We work with excellent translators in Hebrew, English, French and Russian, and can receive translation services in other languages. For the most part, translations of articles and texts on websites can not be mere verbal translations, since the original content is written in a marketing language and verbal translation will lose the marketing emphasis. Therefore, a translation must be made to be similar but not identical to the original, although faithful to the essence of the content but also flexible enough to create correct marketing emphases in the language to which they are translated.
  • Images Optimizing and graphics: A "good" website should provide a proper combination of, and a certain ratio range between text and graphics. There are not many things that spoil the browsing experience, such as poor graphics and images, poor cropping or incompatibility of graphics to content. Whether it's embedded images within an article, stand-alone photos, gallery images, or item images in a catalog - it's important, desired and appropriate to have an image suitable for content, of high quality but of small file size, in the right direction, dimensions and cut, and appropriate brightness, contrast, color, and tone. We provide a variety of Photoshop and other services for such needs and others, and we have already made the improvement and creation of entire galleries and complete catalogs with hundreds of products.
  • Content Updates: It is important to occasionally create, update and add new content to the site to refresh the site, create ongoing interest among surfers, share to social media and gain additional opportunities for promotion. In the case of a catalog, certain new products are added occasionally or existing products are updated. Most of us invest most of our time and energy in our business or activity, and when the need arises to update content on the site, it does not always get the right priority. The WaveLink management system will help you update your content in a very easy and fast way. But in many cases it will be much more convenient and effective to simply send the content to us by email, and we will make sure to proofread and update the contents of the site within a very short period of time. We run the Unlimited Content Updates program for our customers. Please contact us and we will be happy to provide further details.
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